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The PORTAL   TM Examination Station
The PORTALTM Examination Station consolidates over 12 major office and exam room needs in a single easy to use system. PORTALTM consists of an active matrix flat panel touchscreen monitor placed on the practitioner's desktop which controls a second Patient viewing monitor.   There are fewer distractions for the patient because all distance tests and media are consolidated onto the Patient monitor. 
Clinicians control all acuity chart and system features through the touchscreen interface supported by powerful PORTALTM Cognitive Map Software. There is no need to be familiar with computers as all system features and tests are controlled by Icons representing tests and system features.
People who "hate" computers, love PORTALTM because it is so easy to learn and use.

Sample Control Panel Screen

PORTALTM features include:
  • Acuity Chart Presentation
  • Full Pediatric Suite (as in Stimuli Pediatric TM)
  • Interactive Tests
  • Audio Dictation Capture
  • Image Capture
  • Nurse Call / Room Annunciators
  • Pediatric Fixation
  • Room Lighting / Instrument Control
  • Contrast Sensitivity
  • Stereoscopic/Binocular Chart Presentation
  • Near Reading Test
  • Library Features 
  • TelePractice TM Telemedicine System
  • Patient Timers
  • Patient Information Videos
  • Patient Image Database

Optotypes available on the system include:
Sloan       Snellen       Numerals       Arabic      Tumbling "E"      Tumbling "C"       Pediatric       HOTV

You can select the optotypes you wish to test with and also adjust maximum number of optotypes presented in a single line. Sizes range from 20/15 to 20/500. Units can be set to Snellen or international standards.


United States Patent 6,108,634
United Kingdom Patent 2329992
Japan Patent 3302697
German Patent 19781691
Canada Patent 2,251,080
Other Patents Pending
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