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Stimuli PediatricTM
by  Accommodata Corporation


In addition to all of the features supported by StimuliTM Clinic
Stimuli PediatricTM   also includes:

    • Pediatric Optotypes (both standard and optional)
    • Tumbling Es, Tumbling Cs
    • HOTV
    • Optional Digital Animal Parade
    • Musical Animations
    • Customizable for educational video clips.

The optional Digital Animal Parade TM provides a changing fixation target for pediatric patients.  However, these animals stay bright and lively because they are a digitized movie!

Musical animations are provided for fixation and also to reward the younger patient.  These may be stopped and started at any time to allow the practitioner a fast way to keep the patient's attention always directed at the screen.

Video clips may be added as a custom service such as educational presentations and even marketing material for the dispensary.


United States Patent 6,108,634
United Kingdom Patent 2329992
Japan Patent 3302697
German Patent 19781691
Canada Patent 2,251,080
Other Patents Pending

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